Argentina has a unique potential for modern and sustainable mining development.

advanced projects with an over USD 27.25 billion CAPEX (2019)

of high-potential mining zones

Major lithium resources in Latin America

Capacity to triple mining exports


  1. Secretariat of Mining, Ministry of Productive Development, 2020.

Argentina’s richness comprises a huge territorial extension for sustainable mining activity (75% still unexplored) and the capacity to multiply lithium, gold, silver and copper production.

Furthermore, the country produces lime, borate, plaster, bentonite, granite and porphyry, and has exploration potential for potassium, uranium and critical elements, such as rare earth-based compounds, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, antimuonium, wolfram, graphite and manganese.


Federal Mining Agreement

Mining Investments Act (24.196/93)

i) Fiscal stability: applicable for 30 years to national and provincial taxes in force at the time of the feasibility study submission.

ii) 0% import taxes on capital goods (equipment and spare parts) for mining activities.

iii) Income Tax double deduction for exploration expenses and VAT rebate

iv) Accelerated amortization scheme in 3 years.

v) 3% limit on Provincial Royalties.

The world’s largest mining companies operate and invest in Argentina:

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