Argentina has world-class hydrocarbon resources that place it as a significant player in the global energy markets.

2nd in non-conventional gas resources and 4th in non-conventional oil resources at a global level (1)

Extensive unexplored offshore platform, around 500,000 km2 (2)

Out of Vaca Muerta’s 35,000 km2 territory, only 4% is currently in a massive development phase (3)

Argentina is one of the 4 countries in the world that commercially develops non-conventional resources (2)


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  2. National Secretariat of Energy
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Argentina has a long history as world-class producer with high-level natural resources, professionals and technicians that create sound conditions for the oil industry growth in the country.

Due to its reserves’ wealth, Argentina has the potential to become a world-class energy supplier, joining the global energy markets via oil and gas exports.


Import Regime of Used Goods for the Hydrocarbon Industry (Decree No. 555/2019)

Import Regime of Goods Intended for Big Investment Projects (Resolution No. 256/2000)

Global companies with presence in the country:

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