Argentina offers a great opportunity for infrastructure investment in telecommunications and technology.

Data traffic with a 7x expected growth for 2017-2022 (1)

Antenna network with a 2x to 4x potential growth in the next 5 years (2)

of fiber optics laid out by the ARSAT national network (3)

5 out of the 16 Latin American “unicorns” are from Argentina (Despegar, Mercado Libre, Globant, OLX and Auth0) (4)


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  2. TowerXchange
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  4. LAVCA, 2018

Due to its strategic geographical location in the region, Argentina has the capacity for capturing a digital traffic increase at a local and regional level. This provides a clear opportunity to address the increasing demand, improve connectivity quality and speed, and make room for new technologies, such as 5G. In the next five years, the antenna network growth is expected to generate investment opportunities for USD 5 billion.

In addition, Argentina has everything it takes to become a regional hub for massive data centers and consolidate its technological leadership in the region. This is due to the government-driven data centers promotion plan, which includes specific legislation according to industry requirements.


Data Centers Promotion Project
(massive, regional and small)

Tax exemptions
for projects developed in free zones.

Benefits for companies in the field
that qualify under the Knowledge-Economy Act, effective as of 2020.

Most global telecommunications, media and technology companies have presence in Argentina::

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