Game Connection Online 2021 gathered the world gamer offer

11 companies from CABA, the Prov. of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Cordoba, and Salta participated in this key event for the gamer sector.

Buenos Aires, August 2, 2021 – The Argentine Agency for Investments and International Trade (AAICI) in conjunction with the Argentine Foreign Ministry coordinated the participation of Argentine companies at Game Connection Online 2021, where gamer representatives shared innovations and apps for videogame, and promoted business networking.

This ONLINE edition was simultaneously with GDC Fair, from July 19th to August 1st, and connected events in the USA and Europe, which brought much more participants, buyers, and publishers around the world. It was a great opportunity for Argentine companies to meet potential business partners.

The Argentine companies that participated were Ark One Studios, Digi Learnnials, Estudio Mauve, OneEyeAnt, Purple Tree and Terra Localizations from the City of Buenos Aires, and also El Zorro Azul Sound & Music Studio (Prov. of Mendoza), Robi Studios (Prov. of Cordoba), Killabunnies (Prov. of Santa Fe), Rookbird Games (Prov. of Buenos Aires) and Silentium Apps (Prov. of Salta).

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